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AACC-logo Oxfam America works on the scene, helping people gain the hope, skills, and direction to create a new future. We are also active in the global arena, addressing social injustice through our advocacy, public ... more >

AACC-logoEpiscopal Community Services of San Francisco (ECS) helps homeless and very low-income people every day and every night obtain the housing, jobs, shelter, and essential services each person needs to prevent and end homelessness. ECS believes in people, their inherent ability to make choices, and recognizes the worth of each person ... more >

AACC-logoFamily Service Agency of San Francisco is the oldest nonsectarian, nonprofit charitable social-services provider in the City and County of San Francisco. Our mission is to strengthen families by providing caring, effective, and innovative social services, with special emphasis on the needs ... more >

AACC-logoFamily Support Services of the Bay Area (FSSBA) is a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. FSSBA incorporated in 1989 and began providing services on January 1, 1990. Our mission is to help caregivers nurture their children and keep ... more >

AACC-logoOne Brick provides support to local non-profit and community organizations by creating a unique, social and flexible volunteer environment for those interested in making a concrete ... more >

AACC-logoThe San Francisco Center for the Book fosters the joys of books and bookmakingâ€"their history, artistry, continuing presence in our culture and their enduring importance as a medium ... more >

AACC-logo Refugee Transitions mission is to assist refugee and immigrant families in becoming self-sufficient in the United States by providing services to help them attain the English language, life, job and academic skills they ... more >

AACC-logoThe San Francisco Conservation Corps offers young people opportunities to develop themselves, their academic abilities and marketable job skills while addressing community needs through service work ... more >


Second Harvest Food Bank is the primary source of donated, surplus, and purchased food for non-profit agencies in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. In the first half of fiscal year 2011 ... more>

AACC-logo The Prisoners Literature Project is a grassroots organization that sends free books to prisoners in the United States. The project started in the early 1980's in the back of Bound Together Books, an anarchist bookstore still operating on Haight Street ... more >

AACC-logoU.S. Crisis Care is a nonprofit organization that supports the development and operation of community crisis care programs, through which volunteers provide immediate on-scene personal support to survivors impacted by suicides, serious accidents ... more >

AACC-logo Since 1990, through Under One Roof, community volunteers, donors, staff, sponsors and merchant supporters have ... more >

AACC-logoThe Futures Without Violence Center at the Presidio is a global center for action and thought leadership, where ... more >

AACC-logoRaphael House, conceived as the first shelter for children and families experiencing homelessness in Northern California, provides an environment of loving support where families are able to move ... more >

AACC-logoThe Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP) is an award-winning San Francisco Family Resource Center. For more than 20 years, HPP has provided poor and homeless families the ability to end childhood poverty. Built on a foundation of supportive ... more >

AACC-logoHabitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco is a local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International that partners with hardworking families, community volunteers and donors, to build affordable ownership homes in Marin, San Francisco and on the Peninsula. ... more >

AACC-logoSan Francisco Suicide Prevention is to provide emotional support, assistance, and intervention as necessary to persons in crisis and those impacted by them, without regard to race, age, religion, gender, or sexual orientation ... more >