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Health Conditions Warranting Treatment

Cannabis, when ingested safely, is a useful medicine for a wide range of conditions including, but not limited to: cancer • anorexia • AIDS • glaucoma • chronic pain • arthritis • insomnia • migraines • anxiety • depression • headache • nausea • epilepsy • asthma • premenstrual tension • withdrawal from other drugs and many other conditions

Cannabis will have variable effects when used by different people and under different circumstances. You must discuss indications and side effects with your doctor.

Prudent Cannabis Use
Like any medicine, cannabis can be misused. Excessive or inappropriate use can contribute to problems including sleepiness, overeating, and time management issues. Due to the political climate surrounding cannabis use research, clinical studies have produced widely conflicting conclusions about the true benefits and potential side effects of cannabis use. Always listen to the advice of your doctor and use good judgment when using medical cannabis. These guidelines help identify ways of using medical cannabis in a positive way.

The information above is reprinted from the Cannabis Action Network