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The Official Medithrive Strain Guide, a directory of all the cannabis strains that have ever been offered at our Cooperative.

The information in the Strain Guide has been collected from the cultivators of the medicine, the Medithrive staff and the patients in our cooperative along with Ed Rosenthal's Big Book of Buds series and Jason King's Cannabible series.

The information in this guide is a serious and scientific attempt to correctly categorize and define for medical purposes, the correct genetics, lineage, and correlating medical benefits of roughly 100 of California's most popular medical cannabis strains.
Each cannabis strain has the potential to take on a wide variety of characteristics depending on its growing conditions. Each garden will express the characteristics of a genetic strain slightly differently; so we try to analyze samples from multiple cultivators in order to correctly catalog the proper descriptions. Frequently, the donation amount assigned to a particular medicine is an interpretation of how well the cultivator expressed the true characteristics of their produced strain.