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AACC-logoSan Francisco Fire Fighters Cancer Prevention Foundation is not just another league. In fact, it's a league apart. Founded by San Francisco police officers a half-century ago, SFPAL is where the men and women who ... more >

AACC-logoIn the wake of a fire or disaster, people are injured, homes and families are destroyed and lives changed forever. The Firefighters Charitable Foundation (FFCF) knows first hand the pain and suffering that can be caused in an instant. Since 1991 our not for-profit 501 (c)3 organization provides direct aid to victims of fire or disaster, other non-profit agencies, and volunteer fire departments. FFCF is not a union or a representative of individual firefighters or their departments.

Our primary focus is to provide much needed financial assistance to individuals who have been affected by a fire or disaster, to support other disaster or prevention related charities and institutions, and volunteer fire departments. FFCF also has a nationwide volunteer brigade that acts as our eyes and ears to identify those in critical need.

Our Support Services and Charitable Outreaches include but are not limited to the following ... more >