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Using an organic process, CBD Science produces the Alta California brand of cannabis-based medicinal extracts.

These tinctures contain certified safe cannabis, available as sprays or drops, and are healthy alternatives to smoking. Blended at different ratios of CBD and THC, the three Alta California tinctures offer patients a choice of high, medium or low THC, balanced with the wellness element of CBD.
Cannabis Based Medicinal Extracts

THC (Tetrahydrocannibinol) is the euphoric component of the cannabis plant with proven medical benefits. It has analgesic properties and has been shown to stimulate appetite, relive chronic pain and lethargy, as well as to simulate creativity.

CBD (Cannabidol) is a natural component of the cannabis plant with proven medical benefits. It is an uplifting, natural analgesic that relieves pain, symptoms of depression, nausea and lethargy while improving concentration. CBD has heuro-protective properties and is the balancing component to THC.

Healing Tincture
Euphoric = 20% THC Healing = 80% CBD
High CBD (10 mg/ml) Low THC (2mg/ml) Higher healing value
Tranquility Tincture
Euphoric = 50% THC Healing = 50% CBD
A balanced blend of CBD (5mg/ml) and THC (5mg/ml)
Euphoria Tincture
Euphoric = 99% THC Healing = 1% CBD
High THC (10mg/ml) Low CBD(0.5mg/ml) Higher euphoric value
Relieves stress and anxiety.
Induces feeling of well-being.
Relieves chronic and acute pain.
Appetite suppressant.
60% Neutral Grape Spirit,
30% Honey,
10% Propylene Glycol